La Boulangere Story


Jean Fillon, a young baker, follows in his family’s footsteps and buys his very first bakery located in La Chataigneraie, Vendée, France. 


Jean inherits his father’s bakery, managing both bakeries with his wife, Marie Denise. This second bakery is close to Jean’s original bakery, located on Les Herbiers’ main street in Vendée, France.


Jean’s success is growing within the city. He starts delivering bread and brioche to Henri Vincendeau’s (a local entrepreneur) supermarkets in Les Herbiers but also in Boupèreor in Saint-Mars-la-Reorthe (Vendée, France).


As the Fillon’s baked products’ success continues to grow, retailers become interested in doing business with the couple. Marie Denise and Jean decide to invest in a new mixing bowl and oven to satisfy demand, but soon realize it is not enough! That is when they decided to create “La Boulangère”.

They built an 8000 square feet facility in the industrial area la Buzinièrein Les Herbiers, and the Fillon started selling their products under the brand “La Boulangère”.

Why “La Boulangere” you may ask?

Well, the story wouldn’t be the same without Jean’s wife, Marie Denise, the baker, or in French as we like to say “La Boulangère”. Her love of baking enriched the company’s pride and passion in crafting wonderful bread and pastries that truly encompass “La Boulangère”.